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PREMIUM ELECTROLYTE NUTRITION FOR ATHLETES LAVA SALTS Capsules 100 per bottle. Tame the Heat, Beat the Burn (tm)

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$49.95 "IN STOCK"

3 bottles - 100 capsules per bottle


Lava Sports Kitchen, "2000' Deep Sea Salt"

For the Athletes kitchen. Lava's Premium deep water ultra clean sea salt, lower in sodium, higher potassium and trace minerals. Harvested 2500'ft deep off OTEC in Kona Hawaii, dried in the Hawaiian Sun. Our easy to use refillable glass salt grinder is a perfect addition to your "Athlete Kitchen" tool kit.

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Activated Electrolyte Supplement 

Lava Salts
Buffered Salt Supplement

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 100 capsules

  AmountPer Serving % Daily Value*
Sodium Chloride 255 mg
Sodium Bicarbonate 80 mg  
Sodium Citrate 75 mg  
Sodium Phosphate 50 mg  
Potassium Chloride 30 mg  
Maltodextrin 70 mg  
Magnesium Stearate 10 mg  

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Recommended Use: Ingest 12-16 ounces of fluid for every LAVA SALTS capsule consumed. Do not consume more than 2 LAVA SALTS capsules per hour. Always ingest with ample amounts of water or sports drink. LAVA SALTS may be mixed with sports drink or water and may be chewed and washed down with fluids. LAVA SALTS will dissolve within minutes after being swallowed.

Company Statement
LAVA SALTS may aid in combating dehydration, heat prostration, lactic acid build-up and cramping during exercise.*
Lava Salts provide the essential electrolytes that are commonly found in blood plasma. When consumed with sufficient water, lava salts will help the cells maintain proper hydration levels. Which allows your body to metabolize energy at intense levels thus preventing muscle cramps. Lava Salts also contain a chemical buffering system that neutralizes the acids formed during heavy exercise. Neutralization of excess acids improve performance and reduce nausea associated with exercise in the heat.

Suggested Use
If sweating heavily, consume two caps per hour. For moderate sweating, ingest one capsule per hour. In cool weather or with very light sweating, consume one capsule every two hours. If you expect to be sweating heavily, take one capsule with at least a cup of water before you run. More is not always better. There will not be significant benefit in exceeding these amounts. Many users report better recovery ingesting one LAVA SALTS capsule with 12-16oz of water or sport drink after workouts.

Cautions: Taking this product without fluids may result in temporary stomach upset. Keep out of reach of children: if you are pregnant, lactating or having a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using the or any nutritional supplement. Discontinue if allergic reaction occurs.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent and disease.

LAVA SALT Consumption tips:

1. During exercise:  Swallow capsule with sports drinks or water;  12-16.oz needs to be consumed over a half hour period to ensure proper absorption and facilitate the hydration and buffering effects of Lava Salts proven formula. 

Lava Salt Cocktails:

2. Premix 1-2 Lava Salts with 4-5oz of energy gel in a flask,  Now your energy gel is supercharged with Lava Salt.  Drink plenty of fluids with each sip of gel,  energy gels may taste salty from this mixture. 

3. Premix 1 Lava Salts with your favorite sports drink of water. Open capsule and dispense contents into fluids.  20oz of fluids to 1 salt capsule is the recommended dose for most athletes.

4. Slowly dissolve Lava Salts capsule in your mouth, wash down with 8-12oz of fluids:  This is particularly refreshing during long hot training or racing. Remember to consume more fluids than normal when consuming to ensure proper hydration. Capsules are made from pure gelatin, that dissolve within minutes of consumption.

5. After training:  Ingest 1-2 Lava Salts with 12-20 oz of fluids within an hour of finishing your training. Lava helps hydrate your muscle cells and send those precious citrates, phosphates and carbonates to help flush out muscle toxin build-up that occurs from hard training. 

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